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Welcome to Marquis ID Systems
We ensure excellence in your DL/ID Card program.

** Press Release:  Gemalto acquires Marquis ID Systems **
Marquis ID (MIDS), a Gemalto Company, is the fastest growing provider of driver's license solutions in North America.  We truly understand your business and offer field-proven, flexible solutions.  Now, we also have the resources and technology of one of the largest software companies in the world - Gemalto, the leader in digital security.  With the most secure mobile driver's license solution available, 5 central issuance centers in North America and the most experience in the industry delivering multi-purpose smartcards, MIDS delivers the solutions you need today and also creates the bridge to give you what you need tomorrow.

MIDS provides state-of-the-art, fully integrated solutions for the production of Drivers License and Identification (DL/ID) Cards.
No matter how complex your project, MIDS can plan, develop and implement your card program without disruption of service.
Once your program has been put into action, MIDS guarantees superior customer service that goes above and beyond what you have come to expect in the industry.  We're proud to provide this top-notch service to ensure your program is running smoothly and you are completely satisfied.

We are the fastest growing provider of Driver License and Secure IDs in the United States and currently provide solutions for seven jurisdictions.

We are proud to boast a 100% customer satisfaction rating.

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